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When you purchase from us you can be sure that you are buying a quality print that has been professionally designed with love and care exclusively by Modern Print Studio.


We use high quality 280gsm paper with a semi-matt finish. Your print will come packaged in a rigid envelope if size A4 or smaller, for sizes A3 and larger it will come in a poster tube. This ensures that your item arrives to you in perfect condition.​



MPS size guide 3 2.jpg
Framing options.jpg

For the majority of our prints we offer five sizes. Please check the print description for further information on available sizes.

On the left is an example of how you could potentially frame one of our prints.The one on the far left is an A3 print framed edge to edge (as the print comes). The second image is an A4 print framed in an A3 frame with a window mount.

We'll leave you to do the framing but if the image in the description goes to the edge of the frame then that's how it will come to you.

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